Tech & Art Hub Bali

CORE stands for Collaboration, Reciprocity, Community, and Regeneration. This hub is designed to serve as an international sanctuary for founders, talents, investors, and mentors. Its mission is clear: to provide resources and experiences that fuel individual and professional success while nurturing impactful projects. And all of this is seamlessly woven into a lifestyle that is both enjoyable and mindful, ensuring personal growth without depleting resources.

CORE’s strength lies in its vibrant community. It boasts an extensive network of global mentors, venture capitalists, and advisors. The hub is not just a place to work; it’s an environment carefully curated to support innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity. The programs offered go beyond conventional training, touching upon leadership, community building, and management in a world where traditional approaches are ever-evolving.

Tech & Art Hub is more than a physical space; it’s a nodal point of global influence. It collaborates with industry leaders, government bodies, and international organizations, offering a unique advantage to its community members. The hub actively participates in discussions related to SMEs, tourism, and favorable regulations, contributing to the development of the broader ecosystem.

The incubation and accelerator programs

These programs are designed for founders seeking support and mentorship. These programs help them secure funding, build the right teams, and overcome the multifaceted challenges of entrepreneurship. Through strategic partnerships with organizations like Nakama.Id, Temmy, and renowned advisors like Raine Renaldi, CORE provides an invaluable launchpad for startups.

CORE’s ‘Future Fusion’ events are a testament to its commitment to knowledge sharing. These events feature experts in various fields, covering AI, AR/VR, soft skills, and more. They provide a platform for learning and networking with thought leaders.


The connection between talent and projects is facilitated by CORE’s job listing services and specialized training programs. These initiatives ensure that projects and talents find the right match within the community, fostering collaboration and success.

CORE’s expert advisory services provide founders access to mentorship from global experts. It’s not just about co-working; it’s about creating an environment that nurtures your project from conception to fundraising.

Fundraising is a stage where CORE Tech & Art Hub extends its support. The hub only gets involved when projects have completed the incubation or acceleration programs, ensuring they are well-prepared for the next step in their journey.

The community aspect is vital at CORE Tech & Art Hub

While S21 was initially a global community of blockchain professionals, CORE expanded this community to include artists, digital nomads, web2 builders, freelancers, and creative individuals. It believes that strong communities offer more than just connections; they provide opportunities and resources for members to thrive.

Collaboration isn’t just encouraged; it’s integral to CORE’s ethos. It strives to foster a collaborative environment based on reciprocity, where everyone’s success is celebrated without envy. Authenticity is key, ensuring a genuine foundation for collaboration.

In the realm of innovation and creativity, CORE Tech & Art Hub is more than just a workspace. It provides resources, education, and practices that encourage technology development with a conscious societal impact. It nurtures relationships and regeneration, where individuals become active participants in creating a better future.